October 2nd - 5th
Operation Second Chance
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The ride of your life to raise funds supporting our wounded American heroes

Donation Dashboard 2014

Total Donations: $14,646 RA14 Goal: $350,000

JRABS Raises Over $ 5,000 for Operation Second Chance

A note from Travis Evans

I've finally had a chance to sit down and write a note thanking each of you who attended our 4th Anniversary fundraiser! Together, we raised over $5,000 for Operation Second Chance, beating our last year's total!

Ye Old Pub Ride April 26 *6 Pubs 22 Miles* Is this Country Great or What

Ye Old Pub Ride April 26 (6 Pubs 22 Miles)

It doesn't get any better than this!

To sign up for the ride:

Open for Business RA14! The Year We Cross the Million $ High Water Mark

Come one, come all to the "Greatest Show on Earth and Ride of Your Life" ! Register here and now, spread the word and get ready for an even bigger and better Ride Allegheny 2014!


Clark, Walt, Dave, Cindy & Mark
The Ride Allegheny Steering Committee

JRABS Kickoff Fund Raiser for Operation Second Chance March 22, 2104

Please join Just Riding Along Bike Shop (JRABS) at their NEW, LARGER LOCATION on Saturday, March 22 to celebrate their 4th year! Travis (our favorite RA bike support team) will be holding a fund-raising raffle to raise money for Operation Second Chance! There will be Potomac Pedaler road bike rides, a bar-b-que, and great prizes including:

RA13 Post Game Amnesia & The After Glow of Success

Well it's about this time post ride when the amnesia kicks in regarding the pain of the saddle sores tattooed to your gluteus maximus, the itchy hot spots of poison ivy picked up from some random drive by along the trail and the reservoirs of lactic acid hanging out with muscles you didn't know existed before the ride.

Words of Medical Wisdom from our Resident Rider Physician- Chris "Summer" Soltis

With less than 72h before we embark on another 4 day bicycling adventure, I wanted to share the following medical tips for all to use - please share with friends/colleagues as you see fit:

1. Don't worry about the amount of training or lack thereof at this point - a positive mental attitude trumps all!

Saving the Best for Last: Bualls Butt Rules (based on some of the worst experiences of RA Alumni)

#1: Lube-up heavy and often

#2: Don't be cheap when buying shorts & break them in ahead of time

#3: Break in your saddle - I ride a Brookes leather saddle that has a good 1,000 miles on it (any good saddle will do)

#4: Stop every 10 miles on the tow path for a "butt break" - it will preserve the ability to sit in your chair at dinner.

#5: If you do chafe, you can recover with a liberal application of Zink Oxide ASAP.

#6: If you're completely raw, stop and ride the SAG for rest of the day.

Sitting on a bag of ice in Hagerstown is no fun.