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What if I have not biked in years?

That means you should get some practice rides in advance. You want to condition your legs and get your behind used to sitting on a saddle for long periods.


Do I need a specific bike?

This is a matter of personal preference. Cyclocross, Hybrids, Road and Mountain bikes are the most common found on the trail. Check out the GEAR GUIDE page for more details.


Do I need a helmet?

Yes, of course you do!


Do I need a professional bike fitting?

It is always a good idea to ensure you fit your bike for these long rides to avoid any fit-related injury. However, if you have been riding a long time and are comfortable with your current setup, there’s no requirement to get professionally fitted.


Why do we need the same jersey?

We take lots of group photos and it looks really awesome.


How much fluid should I drink?

It is critically important to avoid dehydration by drinking water and sports drinks on a schedule throughout the ride (roughly one liter per hour, starting with water and switching to sports drinks after the first hour or two). Do not rely on thirst – thirst only kicks in as you become dehydrated. It is also important not to overconsume water.


Overhydration with straight water lacking the sodium found in sports drinks may result in hyponatremia, sometimes referred to as water toxicity. This is a dangerous – and potentially deadly – condition that can be avoided by switching to primarily drinking a sports drink that contains at least 100 mg of sodium after the first 1-2 hours of riding. Be sure to read your fluid labels, as many “sports beverages” contain far less than this minimum recommended amount.


Do I need to carry food and water during the ride each day?

We offer supported rest stops for food and water refills every 15 to 40 miles, depending on the length of the trip. Carry with you enough hydration and nutrition to keep you safe in the event unforeseen circumstances should occur.

GUs, nutrition snacks, and electrolyte tablets are common, lightweight staples for cyclists on rides like this.


How do I know what hotel to sign up for?

The Four-Day registration fee covers your stay in Ohiopyle/Confluence – so there’s no need to make reservations there.


You will need to make your own reservations for every other night during the ride. Visit the LODGING page for a full listing of each night’s preferred hotels.

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