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Donations Support Operation Second Chance

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will have an impact on a hero’s life. Any dollar amount helps.


The Ride Allegheny and Operation Second Chance family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Sponsorship Form

How does the ride support the troops?

Ride Allegheny has partnered with Operation Second Chance by providing support to the needs of our soldiers and their families to cover the gaps that are not covered by the US Government.


I want to participate but don't live in the area and/or can't get the time off. How can I support?

You can register for free to become a Virtual Rider with your own fundraising page, or simply make a donation to support another rider!


How does a company matching gift work?

Ask your sponsors to contact their HR department to see if they match RA donations. The employee will need to follow the company’s process. Most companies have an online matching system, while others use paper forms. The match will be credited to your fundraising as soon as we confirm that the underlying donation has been made.


What are some good fundraising tips?

Ask local merchants if you may hang up a sheet promoting RA rides. Include a description of the RA, a picture of yourself, your reasons for riding the RA, the RA website address and information on how to sponsor you. Offer to have the names of local merchants printed on a riding jersey or t-shirt that you will wear at some point on RA.


How do I get a receipt for tax purposes?

All donations made online will be acknowledged with an emailed tax receipt. Donations made by check will receive a tax acknowledgment via USPS.


Are there fundraising requirements?

Yes, click to visit the fundraising minimums page.


What is a Virtual Rider?

A Virtual Rider is someone who fundraises for the RA but does not ride in the actual event. For more information about Virtual Riders, click here.


Can I make a donation by check?

Ride Allegheny is a public charity with a 509(a)2 status. Federal Tax ID (EIN) is 85-1167085.

Mail To: Ride Allegheny, PO Box 3402, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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