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RA Events

Throughout the year we offer organized rides for the RA community. These rides or events are for everyone riding with us or just RA friends. Please bring friends and family!

Visit our RA calendar to see all our events.


Our Pub Ride

Generally, in early April, we will offer a slow-paced, easy ride around Gaithersburg and Rockville visiting local pubs.


Wreath Laying at Arlington

For years, we have been honored to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We often meet at Old Anglers and ride into Arlington via the canal.


4th of July Parade

We've been known to enter floats in the local Kentland's July 4th Parade.


Unscheduled Rides

We've been known to jump on the bikes to help a fellow rider finish a ride across the country for his last 70 miles in the dark.


The Ice Cream Ride

About a 52-mile ride when we start at Riley's Lock. We will ride up the canal in the shade of the hot summer sun. Stop for a refreshing ice cream and then ride back.


Bike to the Beach

One of the harder training rides for many reasons is the Bike to the Beach ride. From DC or Baltimore, it's about 107 miles.

This is often at the end of July or first of August so the heat is often brutal. And then there's the fun in Dewey Beach.

Visit Bike to the Beach


Beartooth Challenge

Beartooth Challenge offers an opportunity for you to join a cause greater than yourself, an opportunity to support the wounded Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines who have given their all so we can live free. 



Weekly Training Rides

From April through September, we offer Wednesday evening training rides on the canal. They will range from a few to 20-plus riders for a brisk 16 or 26-mile ride before the sunsets.

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C3 Tri-County Classic

On the eastern shore, Chesapeake Cycling Club's Tri-County Classic is a spring cycling event ranging from 23 to 102 miles.

Visit C3-Chesapeake Cycling Club

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