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What is included in the ride?

The ride includes bus transportation from Gaithersburg to Pittsburgh. It includes a one-night hotel and two dinners. It also includes full-ride support and rest stops with lots of fluids and snacks. You have a mechanic at your disposal, and a jersey is also included in the ride fee. You will have to pay your own way for a three-night hotel and most of your meals.


How difficult is this ride?

We’ve had riders in their teens on up to age 80. While this is a serious endurance event, we have riders of all skill levels join us annually. With the proper preparation, a novice rider should be able to complete the ride.

We encourage you to join us for our rookie rides during the summer and leading up to the big ride. They range from 20 to 40 miles and are a great way to get in shape for the ride. We also recommend that you consult your personal physician to determine if a ride like this is appropriate for you.


Is Ride Allegheny a race?

Not at all! Of course, there are always a few rides that are just plain fast… and there are far more who take a nice leisurely ride each day, soaking in the beautiful views along the way.


What pace do most people ride?

Anywhere from 10-16 MPH on average. Less than 10 MPH and you’ll have difficulty meeting certain ride checkpoints that are time dependent (coordinated police escorts, group photos, etc.).


What if I don’t have a partner or friend to ride with?

Not a problem – You will have 100+ new friends very soon! If you’re able, we encourage riders to get involved in the training rides throughout the year. Once you’re on the ride we’ll help you sync up with riders of similar skill levels.


What if I fall behind and simply can’t keep up?

We have a number of trail bosses who will be alongside you throughout the ride, as well as SAG support at each rest stop. If you find that you’re beginning to fall behind or can’t continue riding, inform one of the trail bosses, and they’ll arrange for a SAG driver to bring you to the day’s final destination.


Does Ride Allegheny offer medical support?

No. Ride Allegheny volunteers are not trained medical professionals.

Any situation requiring greater attention will be treated at the nearest medical facility via an emergency call to 911.

While riding, you might want to carry basic first aid kits for road rash-type injuries as well as carry all prescription medications, health insurance cards, and emergency contact information in your jersey or bike bag.


Can I cancel my ride?


You may cancel your ride, however, registration fee refunds are not available.

Registrations are not transferable across years or individuals.

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