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Homestead, PA


  • Marriott Courtyard in Homestead is Breakfast will be muffins and fruit in the lobby area.

  • Hampton Inn will have a Breakfast goodie bag.

  • Other options are Starbucks and Panera across the road from the hotel.

Lunch in Connellsville:

  • Pizza and delicious Pasta e Fagioli (Italian Bean and Pasta Soup) compliments of the Yough River Club

Dinner in Ohiopyle:

Dinner in Confluence:

Ohiopyle, PA


Breakfast will be available for purchase at Falls Market once you get back to Ohiopyle.


A group dinner will be served in Confluence at the Confluence Fire House

Breakfast will be available in Confluence at your respective house or at Mitch’s Fuel & Food restaurant.


Lots of great choices are available for food and libations.  Click here for choices on Google Maps.  Some suggestions are:

    • The Crabby Pig (Ph: 301-724-7422, 0.3 miles, Outdoor seating available)

    • Baltimore Street Grill (Ph: 301-724-1711, 0.4 miles, Outdoor seating available)

    • City Lights (Ph: 301-722-9800, 0.4 miles, Outdoor seating available)

    • Ristorante Ottaviani (Ph: 301-722-0052, 0.5 miles, Outdoor seating available)

    • Patrick’s Pub (Ph: 301-722-1007, 1 mile, Outdoor seating available)

    • Puccini Restaurant (Ph: 301-777-7822, 3.8 miles, Outdoor seating available)

    • Uncle Jack’s Pizzeria & Pub (Ph: 301-724-1110, 0.3 miles)

    • Roy Rogers (Ph: 301-777-8299, 0.3 miles)

    • Mezzos (Ph: 301-777-7750, 0.3 miles)

    • The Manhattan Social (Ph: 240-580-1158, 0.4 miles)

    • Coney Island Famous Wieners (Ph: 301-777-0380, 0.5 miles)

    • Curtis Famous Wieners (Ph: 301-759-9707, 0.5 miles)

    • Jin’s Asian Cuisine (Ph: 301-777-5555, 0.5 miles)

    • El Jin Ete (Ph: 301-777-0847, 0.9 miles)

    • D’Atris (Ph: 301-724-4899, 1.1 miles)

    • Oscar’s Restaurant (Ph: 301-724-7827, 1.6 miles)

Cumberland, MD

Breakfast in Cumberland:

  • Queen City Creamery and Deli (Opens 8 AM)

  • Café Mark (Opens 8 AM)

  • Roy Rogers (Opens 6 AM)

  • Chick-fil-A (Opens 6 AM)

  • McDonald’s (Open 24 hrs)

Lunch options are available in Hancock.


Dinner in Hagerstown:
Group dinner is available at the Ramada Plaza hotel at 7:30 PM.


Other options for dinner if you would prefer not to join the group dinner:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings (Outdoor seating available)

  • BJ’s Brewhouse (Outdoor seating available)

  • Mission BBQ (Outdoor seating available)

  • Olive Garden

  • Primanti Bros

  • Outback Steakhouse

  • Black Rock Bar and Grill (Outdoor seating available)

  • Sardi’s (Outdoor seating available)

  • Valley Mall Family Diner (Outdoor seating available)

Hagerstown, MD

Breakfast: Hagerstown, MD

  • McDonald’s

  • Sheetz

  • Waffle House

Lunch:  Brunswick, MD

Post Ride at Smokey Glen Farm:

  • Lots of great choices for food and libations.


Dive into our FAQs for a world of information about the ride!

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