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Minimums & Teams

The RA22 planning team has established the following minimum fundraising goals for our riders.

Age < 25

$ 200 at least by 10.2.2022


1st year riders > 25

$ 500 at least by 10.2.2022


Veteran riders > 25

$ 1000 at least by 10.2.2022


Fundraising Tips

100 riders raising $1,000 each will place us far short of our 2024 goal of $500,000



Ride Allegheny 2020 raised over $685,000 with 135 riders. That’s more than $5,000 per rider. How did that happen?

Most of us are highly motivated individuals who are always looking to challenge ourselves. For the same reason, most riders set personal goals far in excess of minimums. Committing yourself to riding 300 miles in 4 days proves you enjoy a challenge.

150 riders raising $5,000 each will place us just equal to our goal of $500,000.


Challenge yourself by setting a personal goal that will force you to work hard. It seems fundraising is hard for most of us, and riding 300 miles is also hard for most of us.

But we train for it, we plan for it, and we celebrate our success during the ride.

Remember the wounded servicemen and women that we are supporting.

They’ve sacrificed for us, we can surely sacrifice for them. It’s not the number that you ultimately raise that’s important – it’s the effort you dedicated in getting there that matters!

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